29 Sep 2015

Edition 1/50 was instantly snapped up by the awesome creative Gordon Toi (pictured middle) & it now sits proudly at the entrance of the House of Natives studio in Mangere Bridge.  A labour of love, our first fine art print took weeks of preparation & production at the Gold Award Winning warehouse of Artirite Screenprinting & the project was directed by Glenn Taylor (pictured left).


The original image was spray painted onto an interior wall (approx 2 x 3.5m) & photographed by our brother & fri...

26 Sep 2015

10 years since our last collaborative show, we have been sweating it out in the studio preparing for the opening of more than I guess just a new body of work - it is a new season in our lives.  Alongside the amazing Miss Lolo who is launching her new collection of furniture we will be presenting our art as complimentary paintings for some of the pieces along with stand alone works.


We spend a lot of time in the community & on the streets at festivals & painting walls but the gallery is somewhere...

21 Sep 2015

Growing up & living in South Auckland, extended family & large community groups have always been a normal way of live.  Diverse cultures all with different backgrounds, customs, beliefs, systems, ways that others sometimes just don't understand.  South Side is a flavour as much as it is an area of Auckland, yes there is the negative but we don't need to say much about that because its usually the only angle media use to highlight our part of town.


But attitudes aside this is & has...

20 Sep 2015

Full time artists' - yep its a crazy idea I guess with 4 children but its also a dream come true.  Doing what we love, when we want to, with those we choose & with communities we love!  Its not for the faint hearted I guess, if your a personality type that likes consistency, patterns, repetition, systems we would drive you insane but somehow its working!


We are nearly at the final stage of our first full colour fine art print working with Glenn Taylor the guru at Artrite Screenprinting in Onehun...

18 Sep 2015

 Photo credit:  Brendon Kitto


4 months ago we decided we were over the fact that we were working to fulfil someone elses' dreams but not our own.  Years of retail management & part time sales rep roles in between the art projects & community activations we loved, it was time to take the leap & make our dreams come true.  With 4 children making the move from regular/reliable income to relying on your art to pay for a family of 6 living in Auckland is a step many people told us was crazy.  It is, it is...

16 Sep 2015

We officially met while Charles was painting the K Road carpark spot that is now the famous BMD 'KRd' sign along with a few others.  It was the late 90s & whatever outfit I had chosen to wear that day only made sense to him that I must have been 'working' & trying to hang around a little - but hey those Spice Girl silver platforms with the super thick soles were the big thing then!  Subtle I know but that was the first impression & I guess it must have made an impact because all these years later we...

14 Sep 2015


#artlife is what we are about - lives that are colourful, creative, filled with dreams, new ideas, jotting down thoughts, drawing on walls, brightening neighbourhoods & implementing our concepts.


Every day is a different expression of who we are & #teamwilliams is the constant reminder that marriage is daily having to work together to make our dreams come true.  14 years into our marriage journey we've learnt lots on the way (usually by mistake lol) but sometimes because we've spent hours,...

14 Sep 2015

If your crazy enough to follow this thing we call #artlife #birdgang #teamwilliams then this blog is an invitation into our daily life as a family of 6 with 4 children (1 college student, 1 intermediate & 2 primary school children).  Each day is a constant juggle of mess, timetables, food, art, community, events & everything in between.  We can't always fit what we want to say in a simple social media post so this blog is about expanding those stories & letting you in on the fun projects we get invol...

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June 17, 2019

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