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As full time professional artists our passion is to tell visual stories wether on a canvas, a wall or designing the creative & visual narrative for a public space.  The perception of Urban Art is finally shifting, not only will you find it out on the street but it is being woven into brand identities, into private collections & into the hearts of communities throughout the world.


Creativity is everywhere but culturally aware processes aren't.  We have the ability to help you navigate that journey from a long track record of successful Iwi engagements throughout Aotearoa & across the Pacific.  As artists' of Māori descent we understand the importance of tikanga & the implications of neglecting important aspects within the creative process.

If it's collecting commissioned works for personal enjoyment or a mural suite for your project.  Every client that we engage with helps to build a community of culturally aware & forward thinking people who care about processes that acknowledge people first.


Telling the stories of the land, brand or a couple who share a passion for art.  This is why we do what we do, we connect the heart with art!

c&j portrait1.jpg


25+ years together at the forefront of urban art & urban culture in Aotearoa

Worked alongside governments, councils, business leaders, brands & communities throughout the world


Iwi endorsed Mana Whenua artists working in

Tāmaki Makaurau

Successful Creative Industry business owners

World championship street art/graffiti titles


Brands use the word 'authentic' a lot but what does that mean in a world of art & endless options.  We are both Māori/Pākeha, we are both urban artists, we've painted graffiti art together for decades, worked with some of the worlds biggest companies, been married 21 years & run a successful creative company since 2009 with our kids in tow.


Excellence, persistence, evolutionupskilling & a whole lot of hard work.  You can trust us to journey alongside you with authenticity - not just of a service or product but of connection & manaaki.

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