Tīkanga Māori Values

Here in Aotearoa the journey towards a deeper awareness of matauranga Māori and te Ao Māori is on the rise.  Processes that acknowledge important cultural values require authenticity & the desire to build meaningful relationships within the creative process.


Our extensive experience working alongside mana whenua
(Iwi who whakapapa to that place) in their respective rohe (regions) & alongside community leaders & organisations have helped build our sensitivities to these processes.  We can work alongside you to create a meaningful & honourable experience while fulfilling the creative brief & getting the job done.  This ability to work alongside people from all walks of life has opened up doors around the world where we have firsthand seen the impact of the arts in spaces & in local communities.  The artwork we produce must consider the people it will impact & these values are an integral part of our creative process when working with us as a client.


Media Design School, Auckland Campus


Rāta (10 Madden St, Wynyard Quarter)
Photo Jody, What the People

Project Management

Understanding the complexities of different projects requires a range of skills.  Our ability to navigate this unique creative space comes from years of personal experience working on community level projects all the way to large & complex commercial developments & design opportunities throughout the world.

Careful planning & considerate professional processes keep both the artist & the client safe.  Our experience extends to working within wider project teams including alongside architects, engineers, landscape gardeners & project leads for a large range of commercial clients.  We are construction site safety certified & licensed for working at heights/scissor/boom lifts.  Our processes adhere to Health & Safety laws in Aotearoa including the ability to provide full liability & indemnity cover for a project when required.

With an ever-changing landscape the importance of the arts in urban design & community development is on the rise & something we are well prepared for.


Artwork & Design

With over 20 years of experience within the contemporary urban arts scene & a long list of clients & international projects to date, our style is bold & modern inspired by ancient cultural direction.


A passion for birdlife & graphic Māori design, our style draws from these 2 sources of inspiration & expands out to include a range of artwork themes & influences.

Specialising in large scale murals, our practise includes project narrative design, multi-sector partnership facilitation, arts project management & contemporary design (painting & digital).


Converse Aus/NZ Commission