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Here in Aotearoa the journey towards a deeper awareness of mātauranga Māori and Te Ao Māori is on the rise.  Processes that acknowledge important cultural values require authenticity & the desire to build meaningful relationships within the creative process.


We have extensive experience working alongside iwi in their respective rohe (regions), indigenous cultures, community leaders & arts organisations throughout the world.  We have seen firsthand the impact of the arts in urban & public spaces, commercial & corporate buildings, private collections & within local communities.


The work we produce considers the people it will impact & the values we work by are an integral part of our creative process when working with our clients & collectors.  Creativity is a valuable & important communication tool intended to tell a story - either ours or yours.

'Mā whero, mā pango ka oti ai te mahi'

(With red & black the work will be complete - referring to the importance of partnership & collaboration)


Media Design School, Auckland Campus


Rāta (10 Madden St, Wynyard Quarter)
Photo Jody, What the People


Understanding the complexities of large scale design & mural work requires a range of specialist skills.  Our ability to navigate this unique creative space comes from years of personal experience working on community level projects all the way to large & complex commercial developments & opportunities around the world.

Careful planning & considerate professional processes keep both the artist & the client safe.  Our experience extends to working within wider project teams that include architects, engineers, landscape designers, urban planners & project managers on a large range of commercial clients.  Our processes adhere to Health & Safety laws in Aotearoa including the ability to provide full liability & indemnity cover for your project when required while being licensed to work on EWP & on live construction work sites.

With an ever-changing landscape the importance of the arts in urban design & community development is on the rise & something we are well prepared for.



With over 25 years of experience within the contemporary urban arts scene & a long list of clients & international projects to date, our style is bold & modern inspired by ancient cultural direction.


A passion for birdlife & graphic Māori design, our style draws from these 2 sources of inspiration & expands out to include a range of artwork themes & influences.

Specialising in large scale murals, our practise includes project narrative design, multi-sector partnership facilitation, arts project management & contemporary design (painting & digital).


Converse Aus/NZ Commission

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