We specialise in large scale murals & urban design strategies that include visual arts.  Our ability to work within narrative based design concepts or urban development objectives help us to create commissions that represent the client in a unique way.

Endemic/native flora & fauna themes feature in a majority of our mural designs (but we are not limited to).  Working alongside corporate clients or with community based festivals, we are licensed to work at heights & have experience working within large technical design teams including architects, landscape developers & engineers.  If you have a mural enquiry please don't hesitate to contact us including wall sizes, photos & concept themes & we will be in touch.  This is a small selection of completed projects so if there is a particular theme or idea that is not featured let us know.

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Putangitangi Ducks - Kingsland

Kingsland, Auckland - 6m x 25m Mating for life, the Pūtangitangi Ducks represent the unity between Pakeha & Māori that is needed for the road head when working together on our future as a city. Honouring the past through the references in the mural & releasing life to all around. Referencing 'Cabbage Tree Swamp' circa 1880 John Backhouse, Alexander Turnball Library