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As members of the Aotearoa Delegation for the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts 2016 held in Guāhān (Guam) we were exposed to the vast beauty of the many different Pacific nations. 27 Islands attended the festival, each one bringing their own unique culture & rich history weaving it into their costumes, songs, art work, crafts & skin (& in our case large buildings).

It was there that our passion for people & art culminated into a deeper desire to share their stories.  Our goal over the next 11 years is to paint murals in each of the islands represented in Guåhån, painting their native/endemic birds & collaborating with local & indigenous artists.  Working together with environmental organisations & governmental departments on the island we aim to bring awareness to their native/endemic birdlife & in particular those that are nearing extinction alongside the beauty of the people in the land.  Documenting our process we want to collect these stories & apply to present them at the 2020 festival held in Hawaii.

Project Paint the Pacific is our modern day journey across the moana.  Visiting islands & places aiming to enhance the natural beauty that over time has been lost in many places due to colonisation & the effects of environmental issues.  If we can bring more awareness to their beautiful tāonga (treasures) wether that is birds, people & places then we will do all we can to make that happen.

Through personal fundraising & the help of local organisations we have had the privilege of painting in some of those nations so far.  If you would like to support us through networking, local connections or financially to get us over there & ship our materials then we humbly invite you to make a donation by contacting us directly.

TONGA 2017
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