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4 days until the show & we are on time can you believe it! Miraculous I know but creatives do somehow have the ability to pull off the impossible sometimes & actually be running to plan - thats probably because we have the most amazing guy Glenn Taylor from Artrite Screen Printing helping us out & directing our work at times. It has been busy but fun, working together every day is an amazing balance of support & insight into both of our art practises. We chat about everything, look over each others work, sometimes disagree but mostly agree on decisions. The love of your life, best friend, greatest supporter & the most honest critique all at once is a bunch of craziness at times but a complete blessing all of it. This body of work is distinctly 'Charles & Janine Williams' & completely seperated from each other into Janine Williams & Charles Williams, a balance & a compliment both to ourselves & to Miss Lolos' furniture range 'Sugarplums & Sherbet'. If you can make it along some time in the week don't forget to add an #artlife #birdgang #creatives hash tag while your at it on your social media feed if you take a selfie with the birds & @charlestmd @ladydivatmd if you feel the need to share the fun (we would love to see those posts!) x

Edition 1/50 was instantly snapped up by the awesome creative Gordon Toi (pictured middle) & it now sits proudly at the entrance of the House of Natives studio in Mangere Bridge. A labour of love, our first fine art print took weeks of preparation & production at the Gold Award Winning warehouse of Artirite Screenprinting & the project was directed by Glenn Taylor (pictured left).

The original image was spray painted onto an interior wall (approx 2 x 3.5m) & photographed by our brother & friend Raymond Sagapolutele TMD Crew (Rimoni Photography). This high res image was then separated into a CMYK process & each layer screenprinted to create this vibrant & rich image. A layer of white sits beneath all of the colour layers, the kaoako designs representing sacred maunga (mountains) are whitewashed & the Tui itself has a spot gloss layer which is difficult to see in the photo. You have to see it in person to understand the quality of workmanship they are known for at Artrite, the attention to detail & the process has created an amazingly high quality screen print that we are extremely proud of. They will be available in selected galleries over the next few weeks but remember they are a limited edition so get in quick. Our email is for enquiries.

10 years since our last collaborative show, we have been sweating it out in the studio preparing for the opening of more than I guess just a new body of work - it is a new season in our lives. Alongside the amazing Miss Lolo who is launching her new collection of furniture we will be presenting our art as complimentary paintings for some of the pieces along with stand alone works.

We spend a lot of time in the community & on the streets at festivals & painting walls but the gallery is somewhere we've intentionally stayed out of for a while. Finding out again who we are, planning the next stage of our art careers, understanding the progression of our art practise & the changing audiences - its all grown up stuff thats for sure. As we step out into the unknown we are confident that there is a lot that we want to say & present through our art. Lets see what everyone thinks about the show & then from there we take the next step forward!

Allpress Gallery, Drake St, Auckland (Open to the public Wed 7th - Fri 9th Oct).

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