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Busy beavers

10 years since our last collaborative show, we have been sweating it out in the studio preparing for the opening of more than I guess just a new body of work - it is a new season in our lives. Alongside the amazing Miss Lolo who is launching her new collection of furniture we will be presenting our art as complimentary paintings for some of the pieces along with stand alone works.

We spend a lot of time in the community & on the streets at festivals & painting walls but the gallery is somewhere we've intentionally stayed out of for a while. Finding out again who we are, planning the next stage of our art careers, understanding the progression of our art practise & the changing audiences - its all grown up stuff thats for sure. As we step out into the unknown we are confident that there is a lot that we want to say & present through our art. Lets see what everyone thinks about the show & then from there we take the next step forward!

Allpress Gallery, Drake St, Auckland (Open to the public Wed 7th - Fri 9th Oct).


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