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Korimako (Bellbird) are rarely seen in the central Hamilton area due to pests, loss of habitat & loss of food sources. There is currently an awesome project happening 'Hamilton Halo' who are working to get these manu back into the city so go check it out and get behind what they are doing (link below). We wanted to incorporate their kaupapa with ours to create this commission for the University. Our great friend Aaron Hardy has written a beautiful waiata titled 'Tuhia' & the lines we've used in the mural are:

'Tuhia ki te rangi - Write it in the sky'

'Tuhia ki te whenua - Write it in the land'

'Tuhia ki te ngaakau o nga taangata katoa - Write it in the hearts of the people'

If we can take those words & apply them to the idea that we are to become kaitiaki (guardians) of these native treasures, we will again see them flourishing throughout the Waikato region & into urban spaces like Hamilton City. Thank you to the Student Association for commissioning us for this project & to Reakt for working alongside us on this project!

Although day 1 consisted of pouring rain & painting inside a huge blow up tent like a bouncy castle with no floor - it ended with a beautiful second day in the sun, music playing & the sound of nature all around (besides the screaming students having too much fun at Orientation Week lol).

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