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We had the privilege of being invited as 2 of 12 guest artists to come and customise a PODSystem Adidas sneaker as part of their global branding & launch activations. Held at Loaded on High Street Auckland, the night consisted of some great music, food, drinks & of course sneakers.

They captured a whole bunch of great shots of the work, its definitely a challenge when you have only 60 minutes to complete your piece but we got there in time using all of the crazy materials they had. Thank you again to Adidas NZ for the event, to Loaded (Lisa & Marty) for the invitation and hosting a great night & to everyone who did a great job over the few hours we were there. Nothing like a creative challenge on a Thursday evening in Tāmaki....

Commissioned by Auckland Council, 'Te po, me te ra' is a work acknowledging the importance of the natural landscape in the Weymouth area. The pillars are geographically located to acknowledge the rising & setting of the sun while the corresponding posts connect the night sky & waterways below. Movement is symbolised through graphic contemporary shapes & Māori niho taniwha designs that speak of community & connection.

The Te Ākitai Waiohua tribe of the area once thrived along these shores & their presence has always been part of the landscape. By reminding the community of this important history the bright blue canopy covers over the play space like a cloak of the sky bringing shade & colour.

Thank you to the kaumatua who have been part of this process, to Auckland Council for commissioning our art design & to the teams involved in installing the vinyl graphic wrap.

Waimahia Inlet

Sometimes you participate in projects that pull you right back down to earth. Real people, tough issues, divided communities & limited opportunities. Within that are organizations, family members & community workers who have tirelessly fought for the rights of those who are marginalized or through circumstances over time have found themselves in some difficult living situations. Nexus project run by Beyond Empathy (a charity organisation that delivers art projects within First Nation communities) here in Moree invited us to deliver stage 3 of their project. Firstly a community wall in a pretty rough part of town on the south side with a second wall over on the east side of town. As the official videos and photos process we wanted to share a few images of our recent trip. Wilga was the name of the area & we had a whole bunch of cute local kids hanging out & painting the wall with us. We found time also to paint 2 banners for the NAIDOC week march through town carried by the locals which was such an honour. The second wall incorporated the movements of the indigenous Brolga dance performed by local dancer Shae Duncan supported by Jazi Othman. We photographed them along the Mehi River & used their silhouettes as part of our concept design. Two couples, a mix of humans and birds is a reminder for the viewer about the history, the indigenous people of the land & their customs. We will share the full story in time but thank you again to Minna, Oi You (George), moving & still images by Luke & Mark & to everyone who shared their stories & time with us. Time to head home but let’s hope the conversation continues...and thanks cuzzies Carlina, Nisha & Kaea for driving from the G.C to come say hi! #birdgang #communityart

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