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Waimahia Inlet Playground

Commissioned by Auckland Council, 'Te po, me te ra' is a work acknowledging the importance of the natural landscape in the Weymouth area. The pillars are geographically located to acknowledge the rising & setting of the sun while the corresponding posts connect the night sky & waterways below. Movement is symbolised through graphic contemporary shapes & Māori niho taniwha designs that speak of community & connection.

The Te Ākitai Waiohua tribe of the area once thrived along these shores & their presence has always been part of the landscape. By reminding the community of this important history the bright blue canopy covers over the play space like a cloak of the sky bringing shade & colour.

Thank you to the kaumatua who have been part of this process, to Auckland Council for commissioning our art design & to the teams involved in installing the vinyl graphic wrap.

Waimahia Inlet

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