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Toihoukura - Gisborne

We recently had the honour of facilitating a workshop & teaching series at the prestigious school of Māori Visual Arts in Gisborne - Toihoukura.

Established by Ivan Ehau in 1990 & with his passing the same year the now Prof Steve Gibbs stepped in to continue building on the momentum. Senior leadership soon included noted Tā Moko artist, printmaker & sculptor Derek Lardelli & many amazing & talented tutors & senior lecturers who continue to pave the way for up & coming artists giving them the opportunity to obtain a range of accredited degrees, bachelors degrees, graduate diplomas & a masters of professional creative practice.

We were approached to share our experiences & knowledge of the art form we specialise in & to take the students right through the process of creating their own mural. We completed a seminar about our art careers & over the next few days helped them to conceptualise & execute a mural that they & their community would be proud of!

Thank you to Erena Koopu for organizing everything & to the staff & leadership team for trusting us with your students & to all of the great memories. The artistic talent of these students coming out of Toihoukura is going to change the world one awesome creative project at time.

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