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It's time we went full time!

Photo credit: Brendon Kitto

4 months ago we decided we were over the fact that we were working to fulfil someone elses' dreams but not our own. Years of retail management & part time sales rep roles in between the art projects & community activations we loved, it was time to take the leap & make our dreams come true. With 4 children making the move from regular/reliable income to relying on your art to pay for a family of 6 living in Auckland is a step many people told us was crazy. It is, it is actually crazy but thats the point isn't it for creatives?

Creatives are constantly imagining, daydreaming, night dreaming, dream dreaming....this entire existence & world of creativity exists inside our brains & daily those concepts are screaming to get out but life, time, responsibilities, jobs, yep they take up time. Time was the key ingredient we needed, the ability to focus on what we loved & what we wanted to implement but that was at the expense of our regular Wednesday midnight payment that we knew paid the power, phone bill, gas for the week etc..... But here we are, ready to take on the next stage of our art lives yay.

(Now off to work so we can earn some cash to pay the bills so we actually have an internet connection & power to run our computer & update this blog....)

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