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What are we up to?

Full time artists' - yep its a crazy idea I guess with 4 children but its also a dream come true. Doing what we love, when we want to, with those we choose & with communities we love! Its not for the faint hearted I guess, if your a personality type that likes consistency, patterns, repetition, systems we would drive you insane but somehow its working!

We are nearly at the final stage of our first full colour fine art print working with Glenn Taylor the guru at Artrite Screenprinting in Onehunga. We are working on a show with Miss Lolo furniture, a second show with the House of Natives (Mangere Bridge) early December & in between those we have 2 street art festivals to attend in Tauranga & Taupo. Its getting busy, our minds are racing but this is all part of the fun being creatives - imagination, design, conceptualising, dreaming & then stepping out to make some of those ideas happen. Keep an eye out over the next few months as we launch into some exciting arenas we've always wanted to explore but never had the time to do so. Its probably the most exciting yet crazy time of our lives in regards to the next step for our art but we are ready & fingers crossed so is the world x

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