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Commission work

We spend a large amout of time quietly working away on private commissions. Clients send us information that they would like interpreted through our art style & together we create a work of art that is both an expression of our passion for native/endemic birds & designs & is a treasure for them to keep. The couple wanted to take something with them when moving from Aotearoa to Texas in the U.S. as a reflection of their time here - below is an overview of the meaning:

Title: 'When Tui become 1'

Medium: Spray paint & acrylic on canvas

Size: 101cm x 152cm

Client: Texas, U.S

The Tuis represent the couple who commissioned the piece. Working in unison they bring balance & purpose to their journey in life. Kaokao (triangular mountain shapes) are Māori designs that are drawn from the shape of the armpit of a warrior who does the haka. It is a symbol of strength & determination & is a significant inclusion as they left this country to follow new work opportunities jumping out into their dreams. They wanted the work to be a symbol of their time in Aotearoa, the multi-coloured fade is about the multi-cultural makeup of this nation - Māori are tāngata whenua of the land & this importance is shown by placing the imagery over the top. The white border reflects the meaning of Aoteroa (land of the long white cloud) and brings a serene balance to the overall work. This will be crated up & shipped off shore soon, if you would like to enquire about having your own painted find our 'contact us' page & we will be in touch. Estimated time for production is 2-3 weeks working around current scheduled projects/festivals.


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