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New Years Resolutions

Its that time of year where we reflect on what has been & plan towards what we want to see happen. For us its about focussing on the things that are important & filtering out the unimportant extras we've picked up throughout the past year without really noticing that we were juggling about ten thousand things at once lol.

Our art practise consists of a constant balance of life - parenting 4 children (college, intermediate & primary), running a full time business from home, community interaction & commitments & then in between all of that remembering our physical health/mental health in some form of exercise or movement. Passion is the constant denominator in all of that, whatever we put our hands & heart to have to flow from that one stable place that doesn't change every January the 1st. Art is not a resolution its a conclusion! - we've found & know that it is what we will do in some form for the rest of our lives & it doesn't fade away like the other goals that didn't seem to come about last year. As you follow our art journey, hang with the birdgang, see the uploads of people & places, no matter what our financial position the things we involve ourselves in will stay the same. People, creativity, community & colour. We painted both of the new Ludus Magnus locations last year & sadly we live so far away now that its too difficult to attend but the murals are great reminders when they pop up on other social media feeds of working hard, training hard & having fun! (their company values). Thanks Joe for trusting us last year to create the atmosphere for your arena, Deach for approaching us to bring a clean, professional feel to the South Side through the Highbrook arena.

Heres to a New Year, new things, yet the same goal - 'Colour the world, colour lives!


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