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Festival of Pacific Arts 2016 - GUAM

Wow we were super excited to be chosen to attend the festival alongside some of Aotearoas finest craftsmen & creatives. 19 days as a group, we left the Hobsonville Airbase Thursday 19th June on a Royal New Zealand airforce plane heading to Hamilton, Wellington & eventually Townsville for the night. A beautiful dinner & breakfast, we were off again 5 hours north just past the equator to the extremely hot & humid nation of Guam to celebrate alongside our Pacific brothers & sisters.

We stayed at Okkodo High School & were assigned buses to transport us around the island, the days were some of the hottest we have ever experienced so finishing 2 large scale murals including art work for a group show GAX was a big ask.

There are so many memories, moments of amazement & beauty. Our eyes were widened & our hearts deepens to the love of the Pacific nations. Here are just a few snapshots from our journey to enjoy.

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