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Oxford - South Island

45 minutes west of Christchurch lies the quaint little township of Oxford & few weeks back we had the privilege of travelling down to paint a collaboration wall with 5 year old Titus. Now how cool is that, parents who would fly down 2 artists to hang out at the school you help manage to paint your sons artwork with theirs! James & Carolyn (parents to 4 great kids) invited us to paint & also teach at their school, it included some personal development sessions, dream sessions & the power of creativity. Over 2 sunny winter South Island days we finally got to the end & had a mural blessing with the staff/students. It was such a powerful time because the mural itself reminded us about keeping a childlike attitude towards life. Stopping to smell the flowers, enjoy the sun, embrace your creativity & at times paint outside of the lines ;)

The Hihi (Stitchbird) are found only on offshore islands up in the North but we introduced the species to the South that week. Meaning 'rays of the sun', Titus drew his artwork with that in mind. The end product was a mural painted by the son of the managerial team there at YWAM and we titled the piece 'Rays of the Son'. We can't wait to paint again, watch this space for a colab with our talented & creative son Azzy coming soon.

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