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Drifting birds

The Weymouth Primary School mural was painted as a result of a school art competition held towards the end of the year. Students were invited to submit entries that depicted the schools 5 teams Moana, Te Awa, Papa, Maunga & Rangi. The winning entry by student Gabriella Loffley was then interpreted by us & integrated within the larger concept of the naming of Manurewa.

It is believed by many that Manurewa is interpreted as ‘Soaring Bird’ & to others ‘Drifting Kite', it speaks of the story of two half brothers Tamapahure & Tamapahore the sons of Huarangi.

Tamapahure was born & after the passing of his mother Takawai, Huarangi married Kohe resulting in the birth of another son whom they named Tamapahore. Over time this created great conflict between families & as a result Huarangi left Tamapahure on Matukutureia - 'The vigilant bittern' (Wiri Mountain - semi quarried) to assume chieftainship of the fortified pa.

When Huarangi died the children from the two families continued to live apart. Kohe had moved home to Piako along with the females of her whanau leaving Tamapahure to assume chieftainship on Matukutururu (McLaughlin hill - fully quarried away) where they had settled earlier.

One day the men of Matukurua (the two hills) were kite-flying and Tamapahore’s kite had ascended the highest. Because of this Tamapahure caused his cord to break that of his brothers and the kite drifted towards Hauraki. Because of its value Tamapahore went with his family to where his kite had drifted, 'Te Manu rewa o Tamapahore' (the drifted-away kite of Tamapahore) is now known as Manurewa.

The title 'DRIFTING BIRDS' speaks to the deeper story of two drifting brothers who are represented as Tui in the concept. Gabriella was the winning student from a school art competition, her design was painted by us & included in the overall concept. It speaks of the 5 different levels/groups of the school & is surrounded by the kaiwhare (stingray kaitiaki) of Te Akitai Waiohua who are mana whenua to the Weymouth area.

Photos from the Manukau Courier article photographer Chris Harrowell

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