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Busy is probably an understatement.  The past few months and in fact the rest of the year is booked out and full of amazing opportunities to spread some creative love around the country and globe.  We recently travelled to Rotorua Primary School to paint a giant mural.

'Mohio' - to know or to understand Rotorua Primary School The Tīeke are known to have a very spiritual understanding of their natural environment. Ngatoroirangi the great ancestor & priestly tohunga of the Te Arawa tribe had 2 pet Tīeke (Saddlebacks). They were renowned for their wisdom & ability to predict the changes in weather signaling them with differing cries & movement. Māori legend states that they travelled from Hawaiiki Nui with the great Te Arawa waka guiding the way like skilled navigators. Mumuhau in front (the female) & Takareto behind (the male) stayed with Ngatoroirangi on Cuvier, Repanga Island which is symbolized in the mural by the blue water of the ocean. The whakatauki that is recited acknowledging their importance is "Kei Repenga nga manu mohoi, ko Mumuhau, ko Takareto" - At Repenga are the wise birds, Mumuhau & Takareto. Referring to the journey of education these manu (birds) acknowledge the importance of the educational journey as a road to a greater awareness & understanding of the world. The bold yellow & black design is a portion of the taniko pattern on the headpiece of their school kapa haka uniform & also refers to the Rotorua Primary School whakapapa to Pukaki. Thank you again to our whanau Francis & Mike for organizing the mural, to the amazing staff & supporters & to the tamariki who shared in the blessing what a beautiful end to a sunny weekend!

#birdgang #aotearoa #rotorua #murals #korero #māoriart #māoridesign #urban #modern (excuse the blurry photos forgot our camera lol 

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