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Converse City of Forests

Recently we worked with CONVERSE on their global campaign that aims to break down barriers in local communities using art as the tool.

As artists from Aotearoa we wanted to highlight local narrative & were inspired by the experiences of ancestors that have taught us some important lessons in life. 'Te Karanga' is a celebration of using our unique voice to share the message of individuality & using our voice while working through diversity & challenges. It highlights not only the location of the mural near Karangahape Road & the origin of that name but was painted with an environmentally concious paint Graphenstone that absorbs pollutants in the air & can be compared to the same impact as planting trees. The project resulted in an artwork that celebrates & champions indigenous culture, the environment & large scale mural art. Thank you firstly to kaumatua Dave & Kath from Te Akitai o Waiohua for blessing the mural, to the team at P U B L I C L I B R A R Y for making this happen, to the amazing Converse All stars for your support & to everyone who has supported us on our creative journey. You might see this work peering over the tree tops as you drive past on the Western Motorway link in central Auckland, keep your eyes open for a large Tui on your way home next time .


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