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What footprint will you leave behind?

We facilitated a workshop for the YMCA Rise Up Leadership Project (thanks to Adam the guru there) over the weekend. Community interaction & doing life together alongside our 4 babies is what we do - its about others & its about the next generation. Sure we love painting, creativity, producing great art work, but we are also just as interested in passing on our skills so that those who follow our footsteps will take those ideas & run further & faster than we ever had or will. Life can get so consuming, all about what we can do & achieve for ourselves, but what does that say? Do the people around us feel involved, valuable, worth our time, or are they just buyers, admirers, people who are there to consume what we produce but never grow in relationship with us & find out who we are behind the colours & canvas.

It is always a privilege to share our life journey & passions with others, it is particularly rewarding when those moments involve our own children who get to see us stepping out to follow our dreams/passions while many around us say its not going to work being full time artists'. We need to leave a footprint on this world, an impression that we were here & we mattered, the workshop was about those ideas & each of the students painted custom cut mdf sneakers to give an urban context to their story.

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