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Galantis Aviary

Birds & foxes, definitely not a harmonious pair at times but for the upcoming release of the Swedish electronic dance music production, songwriting and DJ duo Galantis somehow it was the perfect fit!

Seafox is a character created within the storyline of their albums & songs. Approached by Atlantic Records & the team at StreetArtGlobe to create our own unique spin on the image we came up with our TuiSeaFox and worked in our graphic Māori design concepts to represent their country & ours (our 2 places) with the niho taniwha design in the centre signifying community & people.

Thank you to the team for including us in your global launch & a huge thanks to the staff & kids at Rise Up Academy in Mangere East, Auckland for your wall. What a fun project to be part of alongside some great artists around the world.

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