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#artlife is what we are about - lives that are colourful, creative, filled with dreams, new ideas, jotting down thoughts, drawing on walls, brightening neighbourhoods & implementing our concepts.

Every day is a different expression of who we are & #teamwilliams is the constant reminder that marriage is daily having to work together to make our dreams come true. 14 years into our marriage journey we've learnt lots on the way (usually by mistake lol) but sometimes because we've spent hours, days, weeks & at times years working hard on a particular passion/idea to make it work.

Over the past 5 years our passion for Aotearoa (New Zealand) has grown & we represent that connection to our Māori heritage by painting endemic/native birds, graphic Māori patterns & design concepts within our murals & commission work. #birdgang is about community, connectivity, awareness, passion, being Māori, loving our wildlife & being proud of who we are! In Dec this year we will be releasing the first of the #birdgang range so keep an eye out on Facebook for details & start saving! x

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